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Profile testimonial amber
"The People Walker is exactly what I needed and is very valuable for my overall well being. In my line of business, television production, I can end up with a lot of time off between projects. In my down time, I can go a couple of days without interacting with someone, so mainly I enjoy the connection and emotional component that The People Walker provides, like having a buddy, and the fitness is an added bonus. I’m always telling my friends that I need to walk, but they can’t always meet up. With The People Walker, everything is simplified."
- Amber E.
Profile testimonial bob
"It’s nice to have somebody to talk to, and walk with, and I definitely walk faster with him than if I was walking alone. He might not be trying to push me to walk faster, but alone, I have a tendency to dawdle, and with The People Walker, I don’t, so I get a better workout, which has really helped my cardiovascular fitness. I've tried to do the same with a personal trainer but it was so much more expensive! Also, each "Walker" offers a new and different experience. The People Walker is the way to go."
- Bob N.
Profile testimonial summer
"I had a great time walking with The People Walker! While it might seem unusual to spend an afternoon with a complete stranger, Chuck instantly put me at ease. I found him to be a great companion, who I believe is filling a great need for those of us who want to add a healthy dose of movement, nature, and community to our lives. I teach and practice Pilates, which is great exercise, but walking and talking adds another dimension of fitness."
- Summer F.