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The Guardian

'We need human interaction': meet the LA man who walks people for a living by Rory Carroll

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The Doctors

Man Works as People Walker?  by The Doctors ​ One man’s new business combines the concept of dog walking and personal training…

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Meet the Guy Who Gets Paid to Walk People Around LA by Casey Feldman ​ ​On this episode of 'Daily VICE,' we head to LA to spend a day with Chuck McCarthy—the actor who started his own business walking people...

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NY Post

People do walk in LA, for $21 an hour by Alexandra Klausner ​ They call him “The People Walker.” Chuck McCarthy doesn’t fit the mold of his fellow Hollywood actors. Instead of waiting tables to make an extra buck, the bearded performer charges to walk people around Los Angeles...

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ABC News

Hollywood actor gets idea to walk people as a way to supplement income by Rob Hayes A local actor has created a new job to help supplement his income from his acting career by becoming a people walker...

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We Tried It: Going for a Walk with a Professional People Walker by Gabrielle Olya ​ What Is It: Chuck McCarthy, aka The People Walker, charges by the mile to go on walks with people in Los Angeles...

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This Accidental Entrepreneur Is Tackling the Problem of Loneliness by Stephen J. Bronner  New technologies, especially social networks and dating apps, have contributed to an epidemic of loneliness that has swept across America in recent decades. ​ In the 1970s and '80s, some 11 to 20 percent of Americans reported feeling lonely, said John Cacioppo, director of the University of Chicago’s Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience and co-author of Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection, in an interview with Fortune. That proportion has increased to a staggering 40 to 45 percent this decade...

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The Webby Awards

2017 People's Voice & Webby Award Winner

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Weird jobs: This man doesn't walk dogs, he walks people by Stephanie Abrams Meet Chuck McCarthy.  A guy from LA, who became... The People Walker.  As he tells Circa's Stephanie Abrams, he came up with the idea when he originally thought of walking dogs. However, he had no interest in picking up poop and enjoys walking and talking...

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Curbed LA

Meet LA’s First People Walker He doesn’t walk dogs. He walks people. by Jeff Wattenhofer   Los Angeles is no stranger to the concept of people creating jobs out of thin air. From valet-parking to dog-walking, if there’s a menial task some Angeleno can’t be bothered to do himself, there’s sure to be an underemployed actor to take it up as a career... One man’s new business combines the concept of dog walking and personal training…

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Business Is Good For Los Angeles' First People Walker by Renee Montagne A service in car-dependent LA is attracting lots of clients. Chuck McCarthy is an actor who started a people walking business. For $7 a mile, he'll take humans on walks. He chats but mostly listens. Good morning. I'm Renee Montagne. A new service in car dependent LA is attracting a lot of clients. Chuck McCarthy is an actor... 

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The 'People Walker' Charges Just $7 Per Mile To Take You On A Walk by Matt Tinoco ​ In a society ripe with an obscene amount of excess capital sloshing around the top, only barely trickling down to the vast remainder of the population (billions of people), things are bound to get funky. The 'gig' or 'sharing' economy is a prime example; people with no choice but to work on a short-term, contractual basis without the benefits of a 401K, healthcare or the promise of a sustainable future...

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Lonely Planet

This man offers to walk people around Los Angeles for $7 a mile by Regan Stephens ​ As the Missing Persons song goes, “Nobody walks in L.A.” While it’s true that Los Angeles has historically been known as a driving town, Chuck McCarthy is gearing up to change that reputation. The actor, originally from Atlanta, recently started a business walking people...

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Take Two

LA's 'People Walker' will charge you $7 per mile, and save you from the 'unknown future' by A. Martínez You've heard the old stereotype that no one walks in Los Angeles? It's a pretty widespread myth. There's even a song called "Walking in L.A." all about how nobody walks in...

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Geld fürs Spazierengehen: Der People Walker aus Los Angeles | Galileo Lunch Break by Alisa Ruprecht Total skurril: Dieser Mann ist People Walker. Er bekommt Geld fürs Spazierengehen. Allerdings nicht mit Hunden oder Katzen, sondern mit Menschen. Wieso macht er das und wer nimmt seine Dienste tatsächlich in...

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Fox News

For $7 a mile, The People Walker will take you for a stroll by Jonathan Hunt ​ Chuck McCarthy treats bodies and souls...

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Meet the LA man who walks people for money Chuck McCarthy walks with clients, listens to them and provides a sense of security. by Dmitry Belyaev ​ This Hollywood actor landed the starring role as The People Walker. Chuck McCarthy walks humans around L.A. for $7 a mile, offering conversation, companionship, motivation and — most importantly...

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Gear Junkie

Hiker For Hire: LA-Based ‘People Walker’ Is Real Service by Paddy O'Connell In a world where puppy psychiatry is a real practice, and people are so busy they’re forced to hire a personal shopper; it makes sense that “People Walker” is now a job title. ​Yes, millennials will do just about anything to stay out of a traditional office setting, including, but not limited to, inventing an occupation that previously was not a...

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La Repubblica

Usa, come inventarsi un lavoro: "Per 7 dollari al miglio cammino con te" by Silvia Nittoli ​Si definisce "l'Uber a piedi", Chuck McCarthy, aspirante attore di Hollywood, che ha inventato una vera e propria professione: quella del "People Walker". Il suo servizio consiste nel camminare a pagamento con chiunque glielo chieda...

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Smart Company

How this US man made a business out of taking people for a walk by Dominic Powell ​ In 2014, dog walking was one of Australia’s fastest growing local industries. But in 2016, the world may see the rise of a different sort of walking industry – this time without the dogs. Los Angeles man Chuck McCarthy has set up the world’s first “people-walking” business, charging customers $US7 US ($9.20) per mile for a simple walk and a chat. McCarthy is an aspiring actor in his 30s, but has been struggling to find any roles or employment...

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9 News Australia

LA man starts "people walking" business by Tessa Hardy

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What one man learned about humanity from becoming a professional people-walker. by Thom Dunn ​ "It's like walking dogs, but you don't have to pick up poo." That's how Chuck McCarthy describes his job as The People Walker. It's a joke, of course, albeit one that the L.A.-based actor delivers dryly enough over the phone that it almost feels profound...

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Your Morning - CTV

These professional people walkers charge $30 an hour—and business is booming

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