Profile testimonial amber
"The People Walker is exactly what I needed and is very valuable for my overall well being. In my line of business, television production, I can end up with a lot of time off between projects. In my down time, I can go a couple of days without interacting with someone, so mainly I enjoy the connection and emotional component that The People Walker provides, like having a buddy, and the fitness is an added bonus. I’m always telling my friends that I need to walk, but they can’t always meet up. With The People Walker, everything is simplified." - Amber E.
Profile testimonial bob
"It’s nice to have somebody to talk to, and walk with, and I definitely walk faster with him than if I was walking alone. He might not be trying to push me to walk faster, but alone, I have a tendency to dawdle, and with The People Walker, I don’t, so I get a better workout, which has really helped my cardiovascular fitness. I've tried to do the same with a personal trainer but it was so much more expensive! Also, each "Walker" offers a new and different experience. The People Walker is the way to go." - Bob N.
Profile testimonial summer
"I had a great time walking with The People Walker! While it might seem unusual to spend an afternoon with a complete stranger, Chuck instantly put me at ease. I found him to be a great companion, who I believe is filling a great need for those of us who want to add a healthy dose of movement, nature, and community to our lives. I teach and practice Pilates, which is great exercise, but walking and talking adds another dimension of fitness." - Summer F.
Profile testimonial ken
"The People Walker is a delight to walk with. As a writer, I can spend hours alone and get so wrapped up in writing, I forget to do anything else, so this is great. Plus, he protected me from a dangerous garter snake! (Yeah, I know they're not poisonous but this one had a mean look about it, and I just don't need to be around that kind of toxic energy.)" - Ken B.
Profile testimonial anie
"The People Walker is awesome! I have difficulty walking for long distances, so it's always amazing to me to realize how far we've actually walked by the end. Having someone as cool as Chuck to walk with really helps the distance fly by. I'm so glad I reached out. It's worth it!" - Anie D.
Profile testimonial sam
"The People Walker is really a three for one. You get to exercise, get outdoors and have a conversation with someone. The walkers aren't therapists, but being able to talk to someone openly without an underlying agenda is refreshing and relieving. I go walking with them in the mornings and it helps me get out of bed and start my day right." - Sam S